How to get financing to invest in Multi-unit residential building

If you want to get the right financing, your move from single-family to invest in Multi-unit residential building will need a lot of planning and due diligence. Property investors looking to expand their horizons and move to the next investment level often find that things have changed along the way. Case in point: financing and the differences existing between single-family or condo financing, as well as the amount of work and due diligence needed to obtain financing for Multi-unit residential Read more [...]

Why Invest in Multi-Unit residential?

 Many real estate investors are considering larger ventures such as multi-residential dwellings. Here we examine the reasoning behind such an investment, and the potential challenges that await. A lot of Canadians want to better their circumstances: where they work, how much they make, and even where they call home. After graduating from university, people rent an apartment until they can afford a good family starter home like a condo. Then they plan for a bigger home. The same is true for Read more [...]

The 10 Best Ways to Win a Bidding War

Top Tips on how to get the best price and win your next property auction Investing in real estate is a smart move- but only if you do it wisely. The reality is that bidding wars are not going away anytime soon, so here are some insights and advice that may help you secure your next property. Crunch the numbers Before you enter a bidding war or even try to buy a home, you need to get pre-approved by your mortgage company or bank so you know what you can carry and how high an offer you can make. A Read more [...]

50% per year in “property first” strategy with Rent To Own deal in Barrie

With rent to own, the tenant rents your house and has an option of buying it. They actually move into the house intending to purchase it from you sometime in the future. You determine the buying price at the start and they pay you a fee just in case they consider buying it in the future. A certain portion of the rent they pay serves as a credit that builds up with time towards their future purchase. Since the tenants pay a relatively higher than the basic market rental rate, this kind of arrangement Read more [...]