Canadian Real Estate Investing

house-pricesThe real estate market in Canada is going through rapid and significant changes. You need to know what’s going on in the market, and its different sectors, in order to be able to invest safely and profitably.

There are several ways to safely invest in real estate in our local market, here are a few of them:

1. Buy and Hold

You purchase a rental property and hold on to it for a long time. Even if there is a drop in housing prices, there will always be renters. And you will be able to sell it down the road when prices eventually go up. And they always do. This is probably the most popular option for real estate investing in Canada.

2. The “Flip” Strategy

ontario real estate growthAlso a popular strategy, which you have likely heard about from TV shows here and the US. The gist of it is buying a property in poor condition and giving it a thorough overhaul. The price of renovating it will be likely covered threefold (or more) when you are done. Just make sure that you or someone you know has renovation skills. This is not an easy DIY project. Careful planning and good execution of the project will ensure a decent profit, that can be immediately put into the next investment.

3. Rent to Own

A little more elaborate idea, but one that’s been gaining renewed popularity in Ontario. The way it works is that you rent your property to people who would like to buy it but somehow cannot (credit score issues or no down payment money, the reasons can vary). They lease the place from you at first, paying market rent, then buy it from you later on. The agreement is signed in advance, with the date and price of the purchase decided on in advance. There is a monthly amount that is charged in addition to the rent, and goes towards the downpayment.

Once you are decided on your prefered way, here are some nice spots for you to look into on the map:

Barrie. A growing market that is till on the rise. Property values are up and with no sign of stopping. Not far from Toronto and with a booming commercial and cultural life of its own.

Hamilton is also a city on the rise. With new construction going on, the relative proximity to Toronto and a beautiful waterfront scene, Hamilton is definitely worth checking out.

Thornhill Valley and Thornhill Woods real estate remains among the most prestigious and lucrative in the GTA. The influx of new investors is further stimulated by new construction and the tendency of this municipality to stick to the small-rise Canadian neighborhood style. Duplexes and stand-alone properties dominate the area, making the place one of the last GTA spots where the Canadian dream is still a vivid reality.

There is of course, much more to be said about Canadian real estate investing strategies. If you want the advice of a professional, call 647-459-9459 Alex Moshkovich, Ontario investment real estate broker.

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